3 thoughts on “Pergunta rápida”

  1. Hi Avi,

    I’ve just tried your description (here) for the Embedded Comment Box on Blogger Blog, but my results were unsuccessful.

    Do you have any further suggestion around? 😀
    Thank in advance for your time,

    kind regards,


  2. Hello Avi , I stumbled upon your page due to my online query into comment-call-back javascript resources . I dont know if you will have the answer or able to help concerning my question ( although judging from your background into Linux & Open Source , maybe you will be able to offer a solution of some sort 🙂 . I am currently on the Blogger Platform , and I have installed a Disqus comment form . Disqus is a great comment system because it allows you to connect with many other comment systems and connects all other social platforms as well. Disqus also has a widget which displays the ” Recent Comments ” with a 3 tab interface etc . However : it just does NOT fit in with my current Page / Template & is sort of obtrusive . My question now is : Is there a javascript which can call back or get – any & all recent comments from all comment platform apps ? I would truly appreciate any response , because this is making me crazy at the moment 🙁 – well, ok , not literally loco , but close to it 🙂

    You can post your response Here or : Here . One page has a Disqus comment system & the other has a regular Blogger . Whichever you prefer .

    Thank you in advance for your time & possible help..

    Mia .

  3. Hi Avi, its ok – I got it 🙂 phewww ! am I relieved now – Now I dont have to shoot myself in the foot ! 🙂 catch you in cyberspace & thanx ~

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