Hybrid cloud is the way to go

It is about time for companies that consume these public cloud services to use them in a way that they can exit/leave/migrate easily.

Price to transfer 50TB of data out of each cloud

It is the job of the CTO to put in place a strategy to use public clouds to inovate and grow fast and then easily move stable applications to a cheaper (and eventually more static) environment, such as a private cloud. Otherwise infrastructure costs will kill your business.

Hybrid cloud is the way to go.

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Clouds are super expensive

While clouds are the natural go-to choice for an early-stage startup, staying 100% in clouds with substantial infrastructure may sink a company as it and its infrastructure grow.

This study shows that the monthly infrastructure cost of clouds would be more than 10 times higher than a collocation with self-designed infrastructure. Not to mention the taylor-made possibilities.

Your CTOs and tech leaders must provide clever ways to use public clouds, avoiding their typical lock-ins, so you can leave [and reduce vast amounts of infrastructure costs] whenever you may need.

Benefits of public clouds are flexibility and agility, not costs.

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Good luck to Kyndryl

To all friends that I’ve worked with at IBM and that are now moving to Kyndryl, I wish you success and good luck. The Cloud and IT services opportunity will continue to be huge forever. The countdown you have promoted here was warm and vibrant.

For the still-on-IBM friends, please keep on doing such a great company that always was and continues to be a brilliant reference to the world, not just IT. IBM is an unforgettable school for me and for anybody else that has spent even just a minute working there.

Business worldwide, as we know it, is shaped by companies such as IBM, even if you’ve never heard about it (well, that’s quite impossible).

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