Samba to use Elektra for configurations

Read here before it goes broad in Slashdot.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter, Samba’s core developer and architect, initiated a Google SoC project to elektrify Samba. The project was successfully completed by Mingwang with Jerry’s mentorship. “Longer term, we (Samba) have to come to an agreement about (…) How (and to what degree) do we support legacy systems that want to continue to the the smb.conf text file. This is a pretty big shift for us. And although everyone agrees that we must have programmatic access to out configuration data from within Samba, we have to chart the course to get from where we are today to where we want to be 6 months down the road.” – said Jerry on the Elektra list while also showed a kdbedit screenshot of an elektrified Samba.

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