Novell uses ODF

Novell logoYesterday, in a meeting on the beutifull Novell office in São Paulo, I was able to confirm that ODF is their document standard. Globally, for all Linux and Windows users. If they need to exchange documents with customers, they send in PDF.

I supose Red Hat, a 100% Linux company, is also in this direction. I just didn’t have the chance to confirm this with the folks I know in Red Hat. But I’m pretty sure its the same. By the way, Red Hat, together with IBM and Sun, is member of our local ODF Alliance Chapter Brazil.

2 thoughts on “Novell uses ODF”

  1. A few months ago (March) I got some files (business related) from someone in Red Hat and they were in .sxw format ( 1.x).
    I guess tis make sense as they probably were standardized internally to RHEL 4, which does not have 2.x, so no ODF support, but in the meantime RHEL 5 was released and probably they will move/already moved to ODF.

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