Investing on Sun Microsystems

I met a friend that works on an investment bank and provides advisory to his customers about companies that are good to invest now.

He has Sun Microsystems on his short list.

He didn’t make any organic research about this company. He only analyzed the behavior of their graph.

Anyway, I told him Sun Microsystems is a company that I would not invest nowadays. They were very innovative in the past, but their future, in my opinion, is uncertain.

4 thoughts on “Investing on Sun Microsystems”

  1. The problem is not in what not to invest, but in what to do invest?

    SUNW? You say no.
    NOVL? Certainly not: they’re filling their internal gaps with the profits from SuSE A.G.

  2. Hi – Just stumbled across your site and have enjoyed looking through it. I’ll be coming back soon for another look. Keep up the great work.

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