Welcome Planet Fedora Readers

My blog feed was included in one more of these planet-like web sites.

Welcome Planet Fedora readers.

I was already being read by Pandemonium and Planeta GNU/Linux Brasil readers.

I guess 90% of high quality readers and comments I get come from these community planets. OK, I have some very popular posts with 470+ comments but they are terrible.

For new readers, I blog a lot about Linux, Open Standards, Open Source, ODF, business related to all this stuff together with SOA, Web 2.0, and all those buzwords. At work I was asked to start blogging, to keep a connection with the community. So I can say to blog is officialy part of my job.

I also enjoy writing about travels, food, metaphysics, music, politics, and this is the place I store my published articles and presentations I use to deliver in events. Most of that in portuguese, but many technical stuff are in english.

Welcome all.

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