San Francisco Linux World Day 2

Second day started with Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian presentation. He made it light talking about Lenovo Thinkpads will ship with SUSE Linux, mixed [open and closed] source challenge for enterprises, how is easy to make security with their AppArmor, the role of virtualization on reducing power consumption in data centers.

He put Linux application availability and development in customers and ISVs as his top priority, saying the community must figure out a way to make all Linux distributions to merge some way, or to leverage standards as LSB, otherwise the Linux application market will be very fragmented and weak. Well, I can’t agree more with the idea, but completely disagree in the level of implementing it he is thinking about. Each distribution has its own set of GUI icons, packages organization, configuration files, etc. This is what make all distros different and LSB, etc can’t cover all.

In the new Linux mobile market we are doing the same mistakes. Windriver, Access (the new Palm Source), Trolltech, Motorola, and others were presenting their Linux or OSS platforms and IDEs for mobile. All different, some focused on Linux Kernel, other focused on higher level APIs, etc. This is fragmentation. From an ecosystem perspective, all of them together don’t represent a single force as Symbian or Windows Mobile.

Hope to see a better future in this space.

I asked Ron what is Novell position regarding OpenDocument Format.

He said Novell officially supports and wants ODF to be THE standard for documents, but OOXML support in is one of the steps required to achieve that.

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