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I’ve been using SVG more as an offline drawing language and not much as a technology for the web. But I met a friend in a bloggers conference this weekend and he mentioned something obvious, but that I never looked for: an SVG Tetris game. Of course there are many other SVG games.

Check it out:

SVG is just the language to represent graphics and get input. Game logic is actually written in JavaScript.

Web developers are used to mix (X)HTML with JavaScript. Maybe it is time to start thinking about mixing SVG and JavaScript to see proprietary technologies as Flash or Silverlight to be less massively used. For that, better IDE tools for JS+SVG will be required and browsers and platforms must find a more standard way to render audio and video (a feature covered by Flash and SL, but not by SVG).

14 thoughts on “Some SVG Games”

  1. Achei muito interessante esse assunto, e criei um tópico em meu blog a respeito. Inclusive tomei a liberdade de (toscamente) traduzir o trecho final do seu artigo.
    Tenho acompanhado pelo Planeta GNU/Linux Brasil e gosto muito dos artigos. Parabéns.

  2. Avi wrote:
    > Hey Nicu !
    > What are you waiting for !?

    But I am not that good with JavaScript… but I have lot of ideas: it could be awesome to have the JS routines abstracted so they can work with any SVG (anyway, only a simple drag and drop move and maybe a “clear all” options would be needed), so by changing only the SVG you can instantly get a brand new dress-up game, like the old South Park character generator or (an old idea of mine) “create your own pirate look” (good for the Talk Like a Pirate day on September 19).

  3. Nicu, one thing I really miss is an article about the different ways on embedding SVG into a web page. Should be browser neutral.

    I can’t do <img src=”drawing.svg”/> and I don’t want to include the entire <svg> block in an HTML page. So whats the way? <object>? <embed>?

    If somebody here knows, it is you.

  4. Yes, OBJECT and EMBED.
    However, EMBED is NOT part of the HTML standard, but is supported by browsers so using OBJECT is the only standard way (but I believe it is not supported so well by browsers). For more insight, read at

    I remember reading about a Firefox plan to accept SVG as IMG but I’m not aware of concrete plans or schedule (but I think this would be the best option).

  5. Perfeito! Seria completo se os navegadores dessem um maior suporte ao SVG, mas iniciativas como essa são as catalisadoras das mudanças. 😀
    Vamos esperar para ver o que a galera vai criar…

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