OOXML: ISO Reports from All Countries

Jomar Silva from the ODF Alliance Brasil, provided a link to all reports received by ISO regarding the OOXML process.

Jordanian report (J1N8726-27.doc) is just hilarious.

Even with 44 pages of technical comments (J1N8726-04.doc), US approved OOXML.

Spain’s single comment (J1N8726-02.doc) shows a situation almost lived in Brazil too: “There is no possible to get the necessary consensus in the mirrow comitte to support either of the other positions”.

Brazil’s report is J1N8726-01.doc.

And the list goes on.

5 thoughts on “OOXML: ISO Reports from All Countries”

  1. What i find hilarious is that all the reports are provided in .doc format !!!

  2. If even the countries that said “NO” sent their vote in a .doc file, one should really think about reorganizing the ISO to be more professional. Shouldn’t at least the ISO members use the ISO standards (ODF)?

  3. red, it is important to note that the OOXML proposal had nothing to do with .doc files. OOXML is a new format, so members voting YES should not be better off with .doc files than members voting NO.

    What you can argue is that ALL members should be using an ISO-approved standard instead. ODF is already an ISO standard, so it would be more appropriate to make the docs available as ODF files.

    On the other hand, playing the devil’s advocate here, one can argue that .doc is more portable than ODF, since pretty much any word processor reads and writes .doc while very few do ODF.

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