NO Gimp, YES Picasa

While all Linux blogs are talking about new Gimp 2.4, I’m very happy with Picasa.

Yes, I know they have different purposes but Picasa does everything I need with my photos. It is intuitive, powerful, extremely easy to use, fast and nice.

You may say F-Spot is the OSS equivalent but I couldn’t spend more than 15 minutes using it before giving up.

Thanks to Picasa, my last trip photos are really shining, much more than previous Kuickshow+Gimp combination of tools, much faster too.

And did I mention they also provide a Linux version for Picasa ?

2 thoughts on “NO Gimp, YES Picasa”

  1. Picasa 2 works nice with Wine as well if you are interested. Picasa 2 has the added feature of uploading images to webalbums.

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