Worshiping Joyce in Rio

Some time ago, my New Yorker cousin came to visit Brazil and I wanted to make sure she was leaving with her iPod full of brazilian specialities. A few weeks later we exchanged this conversation by e-mail.

  • “Im listening to music you sent me while writing (I really like Joyce!…although right now im listening to Paulo Bellinati)” — she said
  • Joyce is a godess. I worship her every time I need a good something-between-samba-and-bossa-nova in my ears.”— in my reply

Joyce’s voice singing Bossa-Nova is probably what gets closer to the true spirit of Rio de Janeiro city.

Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro

Enough talking. This is some of her works. While listening, close your eyes and imagine a calm sunday walk in Ipanema beach.

(pictures link to the location they where found)

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  1. Você conhece o último CD que ela lançou aqui com o Dori Caymmi? Chama-se Rio/Bahia e é um “must”! Beijos

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