OOXML: Venezuela changed vote from YES to NO

Check it out:

From: “***FONDONORMA***” <in*&%@fondonorma.org.ve>
To: <ki*%$#@itscj.ipsj.or.jp>, <br*%$#%@iso.org>, <tak*%$#%@iso.org>, <ga*%$#%@iso.org>, “Maria Teresa Saccucci” <mar*%$#%@fondonorma.org.ve>, “Norma Arias” <norm*%$#%@fondonorma.org.ve>, “***FONDONORMA***” <in*%$#%@fondonorma.org.ve>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 14:04:26 -0430
Subject: Modification to the vote on DIS 29500 – Venezuela (FONDONORMA)
Toshiko Kimura
Secretary ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34

Att.: Mr. Keith Brannon, Mr. Maho Takahashi, Ms. Martine Gaillen

Dear Mr. Kimura,

Attached please find a letter from Mrs. María Teresa Saccucci, Standardization Manager of FONDONORMA (Venezuela) through which Venezuela wishes to modify its position on DIS 29500, Information technology – Office Open XML file formats from “Approval with comments” to “Disapproval with comments”.

Best regards,

Leonardo Di Bartolo
Coordinator of International Relations

This NO was a result of a very difficult meeting. Consensus was not reached and a lot of confusion happened. Exactly as in the first brazilian NO.

The NB had to decide the final vote based on technical issues still open in OOXML. The problem was the method of deciding and those technical points were not presented. So people only had in their head the Microsoft arguments that I already knew were part half trues and part complete lies.

I participated in the OOXML process in 3 countries and I was able to build an opinion on how normalization happens today in the world, and I’ll show some ideas in a future post.

By the way, this is how Caracas looks like, a city surrounded by huge green mountains that have behind them the Caribbean Sea.

Caracas from the EuroBuilding hotel

Caracas and the Caribbean Ocean in the map
Caracas from the EuroBuilding hotel

8 thoughts on “OOXML: Venezuela changed vote from YES to NO”

  1. Could it be true, that some NB’s base their vote on the technical aspects?
    I just hope that my country (DE) has too many influential corporations with close ties to Microsoft to not vote yes. I hope…


  2. I’m very prode of your vote against open-xml. what motivates the U>S Navy for instance for not nesesarily in the best interest of anyone, not to mention Americans as well. The clock is ticking against us,Mother Nature says and open systems are the fastest and safest path to salvation. Also, here as elsewhere, money does not grow on trees, so if no one ofers clairity to your president in regards to medical co-ops, etc, etc, he can easily ruin what could have been a great possibility.
    Bryan Ross

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