Web 2.0 Heaven for Brand Owners

There is this website called Brand Tags that lets people quickly tag brands that pop up in a web 2.0 style.

Then you can also browse brand names and see their tag cloud.

For example, Linux is associated with “penguin”, “free”, “tux”, “cute”, “free” etc. Windows gets “computer”, “crap”, “crash”, “monopoly”, “sucks” etc. Apple gets “apple”, “computer”, “awesome”, “cool”, “design”, “innovation”, “love”, “trendy”. IBM gets “big big blue”, “boring”, “computer”, “corporate”, “old”, “pc”, “thinkpad”. Nike has a scary association with “child labor”. Oracle has a plain “database”.

In portuguese we use to say that people’s voice is God’s voice.

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Heaven for Brand Owners”

  1. Muito bom este site… apesar de não ter muito valor cientifico é muito interessante analisar as associações de marca!

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