Escher’s Print Gallery Explained

I was oweing this for the lovers of M. C. Escher works.

Last July I visited the wonderful Escher Museum in Den Haag, Holland. One of my preferred works is the Print Gallery where a painting gets mixed with the surrounding real world in a precise geometrical way, as you can see bellow (borrowed from

Escher Print Gallery

It is intrigating what happens in the center of the picture, where the distortion would be very chaotic.

In the museum there was a screen that played the following video with a computer simulation recreating the chaotic center. I recorded it with my own camera. Quality is not perfect, but watchabel.

It was calculated and produced by some university I can’t remember the name. If you know who made it, please let me know to put the credits here.

Check it out.

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  1. hi Avi. Indeed the M. C. Escher is awesome. As I said in a previous comment, I’m currently living in Amsterdam. The first time I went to Den Haag with my wife, we were planning to tour around the city and then spend maybe a couple of hours at the museum. That didn’t work out very well ;). When we realized the time, the security guy was kicking us out because the museum was about to close, and the day was gone (that happened in the winter, so it was already night when we emerged from the museum). We had to come back to see Den Haag another day 😛

  2. News Italy

    Unpublished Painting NESSIE Loch Ness Monster and BLACK MAN date 1949.-
    Artist M.C. ESCHER 1898-1972 NL

    youtube : NESSIE ESCHER

    Internet: Irpinianews Escher

  3. The name of the mathematician who figured it out is a Progessor Lenzer from the Netherlands.

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