Organize fast and precisely your MP3 files with ID3v2 tags

This is a set of personal notes and a tutorial for everyone about how to correctly organize and tag MP3 files using the id3 command line tool.

General way to tag MP3 files:

id3 -M -2 [-v] [-t title] [-a artist] [-l album] [-n tracknr] [-y year] [-g genre] [-c comment] file.mp3

Recursively tag with ID3v2 a tree with many directories containing MP3 files, setting artist and genre:

id3 -v -2 -R -a "João Gilberto" -g "Bossa Nova" *mp3

Rewrite the Title tag of each file capitalizing the first letter of each word:

id3 -v -2 -t %+t *mp3

Rename files based on track number and song name (as “02 – Song Name.mp3”) padding a zero to track numbers smaller than 10:

id3 -v -2 -f "%#n - %t.mp3" *mp3

Add a suffix to the current Author tag:

id3 -2 -a "%a e Spokfrevo Orquestra" *mp3

Copy current Author tag to the Composer tag:

id3 -v -2 -wTCOM %a *mp3

Use the “Artist” (TPE1) and “Album Artist” (TPE2) tags in a different way to correctly group songs by album on your MP3 player:

id3 -2 -wTPE2 "Various Artists"  Café_Del_Mar_*/*mp3

or, alternatively with the id3v2 program:

id3v2 --TPE2 "Various Artists" Café_Del_Mar_*/*mp3

Scan track number (%n) and song name (%t) from each file name and set them as ID3 respectivelly along with additional artist name and album name:

id3 -2 -a "The Artist Name" -l "The Album Name" -g "The Genre Name" -m "%n - %t.mp3"

The id3 program is available for multiplatforms, including Linux and Windows. You can find RPM packages for Fedora Linux on my site.

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