Apple did it again with Vision Pro

Apple has once again made waves with their latest release, the Vision Pro. The mere fact that this new device ensures legible text for its users sets it years ahead of competitors like HTC and Meta. Not to mention the array of groundbreaking sensors, user-friendly interface, and independence from a computer. It’s important to note that this is just the initial version, with much more to come.

The Apple Vision Pro undoubtedly offers more effective applications for immersive entertainment compared to its competitors. However, I believe it will also flourish in work environments.

A giant immersive VR workspace with Apple Vision Pro

Given that this AR/VR device can finally deliver sharp and clear text, as demonstrated during the release event, one can only imagine the level of concentration achievable in a vast immersive environment, surpassing the size of a computer screen. While it may not be suitable for extended periods, a few focused hours with the Vision Pro would be incredibly productive.

Of course, I anticipate potential strain on my neck and eyes if I were to use a VR device for prolonged durations. Yet, I can’t help but envision how absurdly insignificant we would feel returning to our rectangular computer screens after spending a few hours in this new, immersive, VR-powered workspace.

I want an Apple Vision Pro, both for work and leisure purposes.

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