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Exchange large amounts of files with me

I maintain a large amount of browseable files at that can be accessible also by SFTP on s

You can access thse files with any SFTP (Secure Shell FTP) client on s

There is a visual way to download files from there using FileZilla. Just follow the steps.

Steps to install and configure FileZilla

  1. Download the FileZilla client for Windows, Mac or Linux, install and run it.
  2. Download the configuration for FileZilla to access my file repository.
  3. On FileZilla menu, select File➔Import… and select the FileZilla-exchange-files-with-Avi.xml you’ve just downloaded. This will add 2 new entries on your FileZilla’s Site Manager. One called “Music Collection” and other called “Upload Files”.

Steps to connect to my server and start downloading

  1. Open FileZilla site manager with File➔Site Manager… or Ctrl+S or using the first button on the toolbar.
  2. Select Music Collection to connect to this file repository. First time you connect a confirmation window will appear. Just click OK:
  3. Now browse my file repository on the right and you computer on the left and drag entire folders or just selected files from mine (right) to yours (left).

Steps to upload files to my repository

  1. Use Site Manager (File➔Site Manager… or Ctrl+S) and select Upload Files. User and password are everestk2 and k2everest.
  2. Now drag your files or entire folder structures from your computer on the left to mine on the right.
  3. Let me know you are sending me files, by e-mail, instant message or by phone.

There are no limits in number of files, directories or their size you can upload.

Thank you for sharing files with me.

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