2 thoughts on “OOXML: A global NO so far but still counting”

  1. They will get it approved but it will be a real problem for both the ISO system and Microsoft. Yes, a bitter victory. I think all sides would be better off when Microsoft gets time to fix the specification, so it would be approved with real consensus and without dirty tricks and stuffing. I would forgive them everything they have done to international standardization. The standard project driven by p-members like Ivory Coast, Jamaica etc. – this is just insane. Don’t they care about the damage they do to the international standard system?

  2. Andy, I’ve been traveling across many countries to talk to their National Standardization Bodies and what I am finding is that these institutions are simply naive and don’t know how to run a standardization process.

    Microsoft could cast a YES vote in many countries simply because these NBs don’t know how to act. Sad but true.

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