The Flash versus Apple War

This is my reaction to The iPad provides the ultimate browsing experience? that appeared on the Flash Blog.

I’m not an Apple fan but I tend to disagree with that campaign of Flash support.

Clearly, this is another platform war. The Apple platform versus the Flash platform. It is very strategic for Apple to keep the attention of developers on the platforms and technologies they support. Supporting Flash means the opposite for Apple, so this is why they won’t allow it.

In this case I’ll be with Apple because their platform is the pure browser, standard, open HTML5 with XML-SVG and JavaScript – which all sum a platform as exciting, beautiful, colorful, dynamic, interactive as the proprietary Flash, but open.

Flash is proprietary, bad for SEO, bad for the semantic web, bad for deep linking, bad for the customer, good only for lazy web developers.

I hate visiting websites entirely built on Flash.

So if you, web developer, want to support your web apps on the iPad, iPhone, iTouch etc, just use standard web technologies (to cite them again: HTML5, SVG, JavaScript). Oh, by the way, all other browser will be (or should be) supported right away because these are the good technologies.

The only thing Flash is still useful for is playing streamed MP4+H.264 video. Nothing else.

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