WordPress Community is in Pain

I don’t know about you senior bloggers but I’m starting to hate the way the WordPress community has evolved and what it became.

From a warm and advanced blogging software and ecosystem it is now an aberration for poor site makers. Themes are now mostly commercial, focused on institutional/marketing sites and not blogs anymore. WordPress is simply a very poor tool for this purpose. You can see this when several themes are getting much more complex than WordPress per se.

It is still a very powerful software for bloggers, but apparently individuals and theme makers are not focusing in this domain anymore. What a pity !

Drupal would be a much better solution for general non-blog sites but it has a bigger learning curve. Still on Drupal, I’ve tried to migrate my WordPress blog to Drupal several times in the past, but WordPress is still more straight forward for a personal blog.

I’m desperately seeking for a new blogging platform for https://Avi.Alkalay.net. The best information architecture I’ve seen for a blog is the front page of ProBlogger.net. It has a feature post on top, the less important stream of recent posts on the left and a central block with 3 tabs with links to important posts. I’ve tried in the past to write a similar theme and succeeded, but to maintain it was a pain for an ocasional blogger as me. I posted it on GitHub as Plasma and here is a screenshot of how my blog looked like a few years ago:

Screenshot of Plasma WordPress theme
Screenshot of Plasma WordPress theme and how it leverages your best content, not just your last posts.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Community is in Pain”

  1. People seem to really like Ghost. There are quite a few out there. It all depends on what you’re looking for. There are some for those who have grown tired of PHP and just want static files. There are some for those who like to edit posts in VIM. Myself, I like the default 2013, I think it was. And I use 2014 for my comic review blog.

  2. I left WordPress for Jekyll a while ago and it really made my life easier since i no longer had to deal with the things i didn’t care about. Ghost is also a nice option as Eric mentioned but i personally prefer a static site generator, And it’s far easier to host.

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