The day Humanity was saved from nuclear war

On this day, but in 1962, the world was saved from destruction because Russian commander (pictured) Vasily Aleksandrovich Arkhipov (Василий Александрович Архипов – appreciate the Russian Cyrillic alphabet) refused to launch a nuclear torpedo from his submarine while two other officers on board were in favor of doing so.

October 27, 1962, was the day when humanity came closest to a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was much closer than people believed at the time because details and facts of that fateful day were only revealed decades later. It’s estimated that one-third of humanity would have been annihilated in the United States, the USSR, and China had a nuclear war broken out.

On this date, Khrushchev and Kennedy reached an agreement to disarm and remove nuclear weapons from Cuba, Italy, and Turkey.

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