IBM Smarter Planet Icons in SVG format

Smarter Planet icons thumbnails

These are the 25 Smarter Planet icons I’ve collected on an internal work I did at IBM. They are smart and I love them.

They are also impossible to find in high definition or in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format on the net so I’m posting them here for your convenience.

I got these icons as many Adobe Illustrator (AI) files from Ogilvy and just aggregated and labeled them using Inkscape on one single SVG file — a much more open format and ready to be used on modern browsers too.

This SVG file was produced with Inkscape, a free, excellent and recomended alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

If you use Inkscape (which I strongly recommend) on Mac, you’ll need X11 first. I use Apple’s XQuartz implementation.

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