Joomla! or Drupal ?

I went to this Buffalo Billiards bar in Austin, TX with some friends.

Right in the next table there was some folks playing billiard and wearing t-shirts written Joomla! Day 2007. I asked one of them:

  • “OK, so which one is better? Joomla! or Drupal ?”
  • “You can choose whatever you want, they are both good.” — he said in the same millisecond.
  • “So both are good ?”
  • “Yes, both are very good.”

Two minutes later he came back and said:

  • “I am the wrong person to ask, because I’m Joomla!’s project manager.”

Later I did some research and I found that Austin was hosting the Joomla! Day 2007 in the next day.

For whom doesn’t know, Drupal and Joomla! are both web content managers, a type of software that helps you build general purpose (or also specific) web sites. You should be mad, or have a very good reason, to start a website without the help of this kind of software.

Amongst these content managers, I have only used for my own blog which is simpler, more blog-oriented and very popular.

Between Drupal and Joomla! — more advanced ones — I can only say that Joomla! has a better name, nicer and more colorful logo and a project manager well tunned with the open mind wing of the Open Source movement.

2 thoughts on “Joomla! or Drupal ?”

  1. Avi

    Não conheço o Drupal. Mas conheço o Xoops, Joomla, WordPress.

    Xoops – bem legal, mas anda meio parado. Muito forte no Paraná. Ex.: Meu site.

    WordPress – Excelente Blog, o meu roda integrado com o Xoops.

    Joomla: Montei o site do CTG (centro de tradições gauchas) que eu participo.
    Como era inexperiente demorei 3 dias, hoje consigo montar um site em 4 horas com o Joomla.

    O que eu posso dizer 3 ferramentas Powerfull

  2. I have used Joomla and I found it took me so long to make a site. I have been using on most of the site I have been working on Xoops.. Check it out

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